Paul Y. from Virginia

November 9, 2009
These pants rock! The knee armor adjusts for those that prefer it a little higher/lower. The pads for butt-slides also help me be a little less saddle-sore on long rides. The material feels sturdy and has held up for well over 5000miles, though not crash-tested as yet. Also they're reasonably waterproof, even without the thermal liner. Reflective strips at the ankles work wonderfully well (have ruined a couple night photos because they're so bright). Only a few minor complaints about the pants: (1) Vent pockets on the thighs don't seem to work too well, but do make excellent pockets that are accesable in motion (2) the windproofing inside flaps on the leg zippers occasionally get stuck in the zipper if you're not paying attention (3) the hips could use more sturdy padding imho
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