Terry R. from Alabama

December 1, 2009
The HJC Sy-Max is the 7th HJC I've bought in 7 years. Good value and quality in the brand. This is my 3rd full face. My HJC CL-14, bought 7 years ago was my first and still the quietest full face I've had. However, I wanted the convenience of a flip face, so I got the CL-Max about 4 years ago. I do get a bit of wind noise riding with a fairing, so could be attributed to air turbulence. Needing to get my GF a flip face, I decided to order a new one too. I opted for the Sy-Max. I was hoping it would be quieter than the CL-Max, but I believe it is about the same noise level. However, the flip face mechanism seems more solid, along with the flip down sun shade, still a good value. I have noticed the chin bar is closer to my chin on the Sy-Max than the CL-14 or the CL-Max, although I DO NOT have a Jay Leno sized chin. ;-) However the large helmet size is consistent for my head among all my HJC helmets. I believe I will try a different windshield on my fairing to reduce wind turbulence and hopefully noise level.
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