John K. from Connecticut

November 23, 2009
My "half" cover is getting "full" use.... perfect for throwing on after a run to the train station on my BMW R1100S where it sits for about 10 hours, mostly exposed to the elements. Very easy to put on and take off. This is the XL. I was concerned about the baggy fit on the front half of the bike but with side cases on (as in this picture of my bike) there is no way I could manage with a large. Note: all the pictures of half covers on the New Enough web site or in the Nelson Rigg web site show tight fit but the advice at New Enough (thank you Nate) is right on - you need the larger sizes if you want to do the job and not blow out your seams. I also leave my helmet under there, propped up on the tank and secured to the handle bars. The cover is very light weight (compared to my regular full cover that I use in the garage) and packs down quite easily. If you do not have side cases, you might get away with a large on the 11s... but for me the XL does the trick.
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