Edgar R. from Florida

January 15, 2009
High 30s this morning, normally I'm not a big fan of being out in the cold but since getting the Tour Master Caliber Pants and Jett Series 2 Jacket whatever cold Florida can muster is no longer an issue... First the negative; the collar seems a bit low. My baclava seems to cover the gap though... To say I was impressed with this combo is an understatement. I was honestly astonished at their effectiveness. Like I said this morning was in the high 30s and underneath I had a polo and a light pair of pants was very slightly cool during my 20 mile ride, only because (I discovered when I arrived at the office) I had left the vents open on the Jacket. It's sort of a weird feeling to know that the wind hitting you is cold as heck and yet feeling comfortable throughout your ride. When it's cold enough for the combo, I do not use the liner on the pants. It tends to make my legs toasty, though it's suppose to hit the 20s this week and I may have to break them out. I included a picture with my Shoei RF1000 for my Suzuki GS500 and the blue color perfectly matches my bike and as is evident in the picture the reflective white stripe is hyper reflective. The day was very bright and clear and yet the stripe left it's signature in the picture. Once I pick up a pair of hand guards and a non fogging lens for my RF1000 I will have the ultimate winter riding setup. Since having the tourmaster gear riding in the cold is no longer something I dread, it's become something I actually look forward to. (If you've ridden a motorcycle in the Florida summers, you know what I mean)
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