Scott B. from New Mexico

September 11, 2008
I highly recommend the Duece Mesh Overpants to anyone looking for some good overpants. I recently managed to plow into a guardrail(35mph) while wearing these and they did a good job protecting me from the pavement upon impact, and a little sliding. The pants were slightly damaged on the left knee padding(seam came apart) and left bottom velcro strap area(partially shredded from sliding), however it fully protected my pants and legs underneath so I cannot complain. The hip padding must also have done a good job as I landed on that and my shoulder, and received injury to either. The Scorpion Stinger Jacket I was wearing probably got hit the hardest, yet sustained the least damage and held up the best. It's slightly scratched on the shoulder and arm where I landed, but in no way warrants replacement. I am tremendously happy with both of these purchases that I recently made. Thanks New Enough!
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