Christopher B. from Maryland

July 7, 2008
I chose to go with the Cortech Super line of tank bags because I like the look on a sportbike-style gas tank, and because I’ve been very pleased with the Cortech Sport Tail Bag I use for commuting. One use will be two-up day trips, so I wanted something big enough for two sets of minimal day gear, but no bigger. New Enough sent me both the 14L and the 10L to compare (great return policy!). I tried each on the bike and did my own measurements of the main compartments (each is only about 3/4 of the bag's stated capacity). I settled on the 14L model (10.7L inside), and tested it out on a ride to Shenandoah National Park. The bag was perfect for the trip. The construction is excellent (like the Tail Bag), the map window is a decent size, and the rear pocket was great for toll money and keeping the cell phone handy for quick text message checks. The bag went on and off the tank easily, held firm, and did not scratch the paint. While riding, the bag was unobtrusive: there was no body contact when negotiating the twisties on Skyline Drive, and it wasn't even visible above the helmet’s chin bar while looking ahead or at the gauges. Initially I thought the map pocket was a little too close to my face, but I got used to it quickly. The main compartment was just the right size for a travel-light day ride: it held (with room to spare) wallet, camera, cell phone, sunglasses, a few tools, maps and road guides, two good-sized water bottles, and gloves when leaving the bike. We could have added a bit more gear (e.g., waterproof jacket liners) with no trouble. The 10L model would definitely have been too small. We were in and out of the bag all day for one thing or another, and found it a real pleasure to use.
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