Bonny W. from Oregon

April 19, 2008
I was riding over this past winter and found my hands were getting pretty cold some days. Someone told me what I needed was silk glove liners. I can't begin to tell you how often I got a blank stare when I asked my local shops if they could get them for me. I was told they weren't available, never heard of them, etc. etc. Weeks go by and I'm getting pretty cold riding in the dead of winter (on dry days only). I bought snowmobile handlebar covers for my bike but my hands were still getting cold with the distances I was traveling. I figured if glove liners weren't available, next step was to invest in heated hand grips. I knew I was going to be keeping this motorcycle (upgrading this coming year) so I was resisting making too many upgrades to the bike. Because the cold was becoming a factor, I was beginning to resign myself to the fact I'd have to go the route of heated hand grips but on a lark, I decided to search the internet first to see what was really available out there in the world. I discovered Tourmaster did indeed make the liners I was looking for. I called my local motorcycle shop and asked if they could get a pair for me. I was informed once again, they never heard of such a thing. I decided to see if I could find a source for the liners myself and came across your website. I went ahead and ordered the silk liners. Much to my surprise, two days later, they arrived in the mail!! I was truly impressed. Your size charts are accurate and these liners work beautifully. They were EXACTLY what I had been looking for. THANK YOU!

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