Brian S. from North Carolina

December 6, 2008
I was a little worried about Paul's comment regarding the tightness in the elbows before I bought this jacket. I used to be into body building and can never get suits or gear to fit correctly. To give you perspective I am 6'2" with a 51" chest, 18" biceps, and 15" around my elbows. I ordered a 52. My first impressions of the jacket "wow this is heavy duty." And that it is. Very well made. I thought it was full leather but on the inside of the arms it is a black stretch material. Sides under the armpits are a textile material as well. The padding in the elbows is pre-molded so that if you try to straighten your arms you will feel the "tightness" Paul described. Having 18" biceps I feel the jacket is a bit snug in the bicep region, but nothing I am going to cry about. The stretch material actually helps. I also feel the arms are about 1" too long, again when you are riding they go to the perfect length and you don't feel any pinch in the elbows either. You only really feel the pinch if you start to curve your elbows to about a 90 degree angle. I can still put my back pack on with minimal struggle. The gunmetal version is NOT flat gray. It is more of a metallic... well gun metal. I was afraid it would look "bling bling" but really does not. It is a really nice jacket and I am keeping it. A good jacket should be a bit snug. You don't want to hit the ground and have that elbow armor roll over to the front of our forearms. If you have any questions feel free to PM me over on Screen name is bms231.
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