Matt Jacob from Arizona

November 17, 2008
The jacket seems like it fits a little short, but then again, I'm a pretty tall guy (6'3"), so your mileage may vary. The external armor is pretty intimidating, which, of course, is one of the main reasons I purchased this jacket. :-) The whole package feels like it's put together pretty well, but I haven't had a chance to test its rain-worthiness yet. There's a secondary zipper used for the rain liner, and it stows away nicely when not in use. It's debatable how much additional warmth the removable vest liner actually provides, but at least it's there if you need it. I like to layer a Gore Windstopper vest under the jacket when it's cold out (under 50F or so), and that keeps me reasonably warm at city speeds (40-50 MPH). I haven't really experimented with the venting features yet, but I imagine you'd want something lighter for warm weather---especially in Arizona. In summary, this jacket comes highly recommended, especially for the price. It's a great value, and the hardcore-looking external armor should provide some decent crash protection, though I don't intend to put that theory to the test. The styling is nice and many areas of the jacket are adjustable, but the length does run a little short, so keep that in mind. The retro-reflective panels will help keep you visible at night, too.
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