Jessie B. from Ohio

October 30, 2008
My husband got a Scorpion Race Case to take to Italy for a motorcycle tour. He says it was easy to carry and procted his helmet well on the trip. He got a lot of compliments on it in the airport. I got one for our trips to Bonneville and to Maxton. It was nice to not have to worry about my helmet rattling around in the back of the van, I knew it was well protected. The pocket in the front of the case really does protect the extra face sheild. When we got to Maxton it was cloudy and raining, so it was nice to have the clear face shield available. The Power Trip Black Hawk gloves are a nice basic glove. The leather is soft. I removed the army logos with a kitchen knife. They were fairly easy to remove. It left small holes in the leather where the stitches were, but they are barely visible and do not seem to interfere with the function of the glove.
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