Paul A. from North Carolina

January 3, 2008
-The HJC CL-15 Session helmet fits perfectly, and isn't obnoxiously loud compared to other helmets I've used (it's also quite pretty, especially after the addition of a smoke faceshield). -Joe Rocket's "Lightspeed" jacket is truly great. The flexibility of the material is amazing, and doesn't sacrifice any of the protection (the review from the guy who went down in this jacket clearly shows just how safe it'll keep you). The removable fleece liner is pretty neat, and the entire jacket does well to keep one warm. It fits nicely with most pants; however, the waist of the jacket is almost too small when I have in the hip pads of the "Jean" pants, but cutting a little from the pads seems to fix the issue. -The pants fit rather well, too, though very stiff and somewhat awkward until they've been worn in a bit. They are crafted to offer good protection (relative to the style and type), and are supposedly "waterproof," though I've yet to test this out. -MotoGP's Pylon gloves are very nice, and offer a fine blend of warmth, protection and mobility (which is good since I live in the mountains and like to ride as much as possible, even in winter). The order was shipped and delivered promptly, correctly, and impeccably. This was my first purchase from NewEnough, and it will definitely not be my last! Cheers!
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