Jedediah G. from Maryland

January 10, 2008
Tourmaster's Flex Series 2 is the best jacket I've owned yet. It was 18 degrees the other morning and I was very warm with all the layers. Then, just the other day it was 74 degrees in the afternoon and I stripped the jacket down to just the mesh jacket and was very comfortable. It is very durable and with the armor I feel as safe as I would in any other quality jacket on the market. Tourmaster makes great products for the rider with an average budget. Tourmaster's Venture Air Pants are exellent pants. I was wearing them when my bike got totalled by a careless driver and the armor in my pants saved my knees from impact while the Carbolex shell saved my skin. The cell phone in my pocket even survived. I liked the pants so much I bought the same pants to replace my trashed ones. I literally trust my life in Tourmaster's products and I've tested both their jackets and pants on the pavement. I will continue to purchase Tourmaster gear when I need new gear. (picture is of the Venture Air Pants and Draft Air Jacket)
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