Travis F. from South Carolina

December 10, 2007
THANK YOU! when i first bought this jacket, i joked about the 'race hump'.. i mean comeon.. who needs a hump? then i went down on the interstate... i slid on that hump. just that hump, and my pants (joe rocket ballistic 5.0).. then i got up and walked over to the side.. not a mark on me... the jacket works. i slid for over 300ft on it, with barely any wear on it.. the hump kept me from tumbling over backwards, and from a very possible upper back injury from how i landed. i wasnt even bruised the next day! this jacket is very comfortable, and with the fleece liner and vents, works great even on days that start with 40* mornings, 79* afternoons, and 50* evenings.. it works all day. it saved my neck, it saved some cash for my wallet, and it literally saved my skin. if you need a jacket, just LOOK at this clearance price.. buy this jacket.
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