Victor F. from Southern California

August 21, 2008
Dear New Enough, What can I say?! These Teknic Speedstar racing gloves fit like a.. glove?! I mean, c'mon, are you guys really making a profit with crazy deals like these? Superb fit, construction, materials (perhaps a tad wacky with the 'airblade' thingee, but no bigee) and at a price that was just too good to pass up. I bought these to match a 2005/6 Violator suit in the silver/black scheme which makes the Speedstar glove a perfect color complement. The gloves feel great on first use. Supple, vented and only a minor nuisance with the multiple levels of velcro fastening at the wrist. The heel-of-palm 'Knox' impact "pads" are a new idea: made of plastic externally (w/padding w/in the glove), they don't protrude beyond the surface of the palm area too much, and don't interfere w/handlebar grip. Didn't require any break-in time, and with a first true test at the local twisties, I forgot I was wearing a new glove.. that is, until the friends and I stopped for a break at the bottom of the hill. My friend asked, "Nice gloves, how much?" I happily replied, "100 bucks at one word,!" How was that for a shameless plug?! I really could not be happier. New Enough, this level of service, commitment to customer satisfaction and general, overall professionalism is the benchmark to which other companies should aspire. Sure, my nose may be turning a little brown, but I seriously must applaud this company for continuing to maintain excellence. Btw, whenever I check my email, you know I always check for those alerts on the next great deal! A sincerely satisfied repeat customer,vic
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