Adam from Massachusetts

July 8, 2008
First, let me say the transaction was smooth as glass. Website worked well and I was able to log-on to get Fed Ex's tracking number for my order. The cover (Covermax Deluxe Motorcycle Cover) is lightweight and easy to put on. Vastly superior to my previous cover in a number of ways not the least of which was the fact that makers, actually bothered to write the word "front," on the front of the cover. The toolkit, (Bikemaster Tool Kit) has good quality stuff within. Even after I moved over the bike specific stuff out of my bike's onboard kit, the Bikemaster kit was not prevented from closing properly. If I ever need roadside tools, which I hope I don't, I'd be in good shape with this kit. However the flashlight is in danger of being accidentally swallowed by anyone foolish enough to put it in his or her mouth while working, as it is the size of a grape. Cheers, Adam

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