Zero Gravity Well Nut Windscreen Fasteners ::

Zero Gravity Well Nut Windscreen Fasteners

  • Unique fastener that is inserted into the windscreen or fairing
  • Expands when tightened
  • Perfect for replacing rivets which can be difficult to work with
  • Black rubber with a brass threaded insert
  • Includes stainless steel button head socket screws
  • Eight to a package

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Available in Three sizes – Prices vary by size:
    • 9×16mm
    • 9×14mm
    • 5/16”

Our Two Cents

Well nuts are a step up in windscreen fasteners in my opinion. The “T” shaped insert is Brass threaded with Black rubber on the exterior and the insert expands when tightened to secure the windscreen. This provides a more stable attachment for the windscreen and also adds a sort of cushion between the insert and the windscreen hole the insert goes through. This will help prolong damage to the windscreen from vibration because the hole in the windscreen is the windscreen’s weakest point. I feel these are even more effective than rivet style fasteners (which we do not offer) because of the expanding rubber cushion insert.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Chris A.
Location: Virginia

The Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen in light smoke looks awesome on my k7 GSXR 600. Still haven't had a chance to take the bike out to test out how the screen pushes the wind--actually snowing here in Central VA!! I used a set of Zero Grav... (Read more...)