TCX Track Evo Waterproof Boots ::

TCX Track Evo Waterproof Boots

  • Upper constructed of suede leather and microfiber
  • Waterproof lining
  • Polyurethane shin plate and shift pad
  • Malleolus inserts to protect the ankle bones
  • 3 PU buckles are adjustable and positioned to grant perfect fitting
  • Sole has specific tread to offer a superior grip on any terrain
  • Designed for light off-road, enduro, ATV and adventure riding
  • CE certified

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Sizing Information

Please see our TCX Sizing Information page for help in choosing a size. I tried on my size and as expected the fit seemed about right. Of all the brands we carry, TCX seems to be most consistent from model to model. These boots are tall and I have larger than average calves and they were big enough on me and could expand even further. The calf, instep and foot adjustments offer a wide range of fit.

Our Two Cents

The Track Evo Waterproof boots, contrary to what the name might imply are not for the track! The aim is at off-road, adventure touring riders or even other sports… like enduro or ATV riding/driving. We carry at least a half dozen styles similar to this from various makers. Sidi and Alpinestars were first to the market, but then FirstGear added their Kathmandu. Sidi’s and Alpinestars boots are probably the most “robust” out of the choices. They are made of HEAVY leather and very durable hardware, very much like their off-road boots. The FirstGear offering and now this Track Evo by TCX, I’d describe as “light” as compared to Sidi and Alpinestars. And, as you might expect the pricing is “light” also by comparison. For those that want a taller boot with a bit more stiffness and coverage, but don’t need the bulk and “cast-like” fit of a boot that is more like off-road boots, then these will be great choices. The boots have a pretty substantial shin protection and the integral ankle protector feels sturdy also. The sole is thick and has a great shape for gripping. From my photos, you can see the heel gives you about an inch and a half of height. The boot shell is made of a grey thick suede material which is common for this riding style because the suede gives more “grip” on the bike than slick leather or hard plastic parts. AND that means no polishing. Just get them dirty and don’t worry about it. The boots are made waterproof with an internal waterproof/breathable barrier and the inside liner is a durable “airy” sort of fabric to help with the moisture wicking. Overall, a nice boot and a good value for this genre. :: Paul, 12-18-13

PS: I find the buckles on these boots frustratingly hard to engage and snap closed when the boots are not on, but when they are on my feet they work fine. Just having your foot/leg in the boots gives the buckle something solid to back up against and it seems to make all the difference, so don’t get frustrated with this before actually trying them on.