TCI Products Fuel Pressure Regulator Honda ST1300 (2003-09) ::

TCI Products Fuel Pressure Regulator Honda ST1300 2003-12

  • Direct replacement of O.E.M fuel pressure regulator
  • Idles at 750rpm very smoothly
  • Accelerates without hesitations or sags
  • Will pull a lower rpm in a higher gear
  • Eliminates cruise surge 3500-4500rpm
  • Smooths throttle on/off response
  • Softens driveline “clunk” and “snatch”
  • Easy installation
  • May not be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles in California

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Choose the correct fuel pressure regulator to match the modifications done to your ST1300:
    • #58 – Standard upgrade for ST1300’s with no aftermarket “performance modifications (i.e. air filters or exhausts)
    • #59 – For ST1300’s with performance air filters and stock exhaust
    • #60 – For ST1300’s with performance exhaust and stock air filters
    • #61 – For ST1300’s with performance exhaust and performance air filters

Our Two Cents

The TCI Products ST1300 fuel pressure regulator is custom re-calibrated to improve the overall drive-ability and eliminate the troublesome quirks of the EFI system. This is designed as a direct replacement of the original or O.E.M. regulator and installation is simple. It is very important you choose a regulator to match the current modifications done to your ST1300, there is a different choice for each modification and choosing the incorrect one will have negative results in performance.