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Speed and Strength Strip Search Two Piece Drag Suit

  • 1.0 – 1.2mm premium cowhide leather frame
  • C.E. approved shoulder, knee and elbow protectors
  • Dual density spine protector
  • H.I.S.S. main seams (High Impact Safety Seams)
  • Schoeller® Keprotec® crotch stretch panels
  • Anatomical race cut fit
  • Perforated front and rear torso
  • Low restriction collar
  • TPR logos

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Sizing Information

I tried on a 48 in this suit because I have about a 47 chest and about a 38 waist and 42 belly (oops). In suits, a 46 will be very snug and a 48 will be a bit loose on me and that is about how this suit fit. A drag suit is not typically as form fitted, nor is it “pre curved” as much as a road race suit. I found it to be very comfortable to stand in and to sit on the bike in. The pant waist is designed to be up around your navel (Erkel pants of sorts). This is to provide overlap between the jacket and pants (so your belly won’t scrape in case of a fall). So my main advice would be to measure your chest and belly and to buy a suit that will accommodate your chest, and your belly. The max belly on these suits is between 4” and 6” less than the max chest. In the example of the 48 I tried on, the max belly would be between 44” and 42”.

Like an “off the rack” suit, they are cut to accommodate an average height rider. For suits in the smaller size range, the ideal height would be about 5’8”, for mid-sized suits, about 5’11” or so, and for the larger suits, upwards to 6’2”. If you are plus/minus about 2” from these ideal ranges, you’ll probably be OK, but otherwise it will be a poor fit.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

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Our Two Cents

The Strip Search Two Piece drag suit is of course built for drag racing but could be used for street riding as well. I really did like the way this suit fit me. It is not overly snug or “pre-curved” to such a degree that it was uncomfortable to stand or sit in. Actually it was very comfortable and quite honestly, I think this style would also make a good long range touring suit. The jacket and pants connect with the all-around zipper so the jacket effectively keeps the pants up without a belt. The waist on the pants is super stretchy and gives a lot when seated. This style of pant is REALLY comfortable when sitting for a long time. The jacket could be worn separately for street riding use with no problem. But the way the pants are cut and how the waist is constructed pretty much requires that you use them with the jacket or they’ll be down around your ankles unless you invest in some suspenders. The shoulders, elbows and knees all get CE armor and the hips have some quite large memory foam pads, which is a good choice because the hip armor has to flex a lot to be comfortable when seated. There are some perforations in parts of the leather to admit some air (see our close-up pics for that). There’s a D-ring on the right sleeve for attaching a kill switch. I’m no drag racer so I’m a bit unsure of a couple features you’ll see in our pics… there are two leather patches on the front and rear that detach with Velcro. I’m guessing the Velcro is for race number identification?? Somebody enlighten me! Overall, though, a really nice suit for drag racing or street riding. This one is a lot of cow for the money! :: Paul, 03-08-13

Jon (a customer) writes on 04-21-14: Those velcro leather patches are for you to embroider your last name on the back and your first name on the front. Pretty common in the drag scene. A lot of guys also have their last name on the side of the leg so it can be seen while racing (pics and such). Hope this helps.

Note on Factory Images: The factory images of these suits show an adjuster on each forearm, but the actual suits don’t have this feature. In our photo gallery, the shots we took of the production suits in our own studio correctly show the sleeves without the adjusters.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Cheryl P.
Location: Florida

I am a slim rider only about 110lbs and these leathers fit great. And the price was outstanding. Also the customer service was excellent. (Read more...)