Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 Pro Bluetooth Intercom With Boom Mic ::

Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 Pro Bluetooth Intercom (Boom Mic)

Price Match Info

  • Talk time: up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: one week
  • Weight: 33.5 gr / 1.18 oz
  • Battery type: rechargeable Li-Po
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Rugged Design: Rain and snow resistant
  • Certificates: FCC, IC,CE, Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth® version: 2.0, class 1
  • Chip manufacturer: Cambridge Silicone Radio (CSR)
Intercom Features
  • Bike-to-Bike intercom communication up to 2,300 ft. / 700m range (full duplex) in wide open terrain
    (results will vary according to terrain)
  • Old Scala Rider models are compatible but not all features are supported / Rider-to-Passenger communications up to 33 ft. / 10m range
Audio Features
  • Noise cancellation Microphone
  • AGC technology: Automatic Volume Control according to speed and ambient noise
  • VOX technology: Accept or Reject calls by voice commands
  • Speaker Booster
Functional Features
  • Fits full-faced and 3/4 Helmets
  • Quick-release mechanism for headset
  • Two ultra-slim speakers – 5.7 mm (less than ¼”) thickness
  • 4 large control buttons
Headset and HandsFree Profiles support
  • Voice dial
  • Last-number redial
  • Call reject
  • A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless streaming stereo from MP3 player or other A2DP device
FM Radio Features
  • 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz receiver
  • 6 Station memory with Search and Store functions
  • Automatic radio muting during incoming calls
  • Radio On time: typical on avg. 8-10 hours
    (see comment section below for more info on FM radio)
  • Connect your MP3 player with the provided audio cable
    (see comment section below for more info)
  • Transmit navigation instructions from your Bluetooth enabled GPS device
  • 110/240V 50/60Hz Universal Travel Charger
Kit Includes
  • One full function Q2 headset
  • One MP3 audio cord
  • One AC wall charger
  • One carrying pouch with belt loop
  • All necessary accessories for mounting and installation
  • Detailed user guide and operating instructions
Manufacturers Info

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Our Two Cents

FM Radio is an attractive feature to many riders but we typically hear reports of poor and/or inconsistent reception regardless of the brand of communication/intercom system in question.

When using an MP3 player with the provided audio cable an audio amplification device is necessary more often than not. This is because the audio port on the Q2 is not amplified. We found this out the hard way, the manufacturer does not have this information published anywhere. When I called them and questioned them about this, they recommended the “Boosteroo” audio amplification device.

Many riders love communication/intercom systems and we often receive feedback from riders saying their new system has brought a whole new level of excitement and joy to riding that was beyond their expectations, BUT

If you or your passenger wear a 3/4 or open face style helmet ambient wind noise can be a real problem. It can interfere with the voice activation feature found on almost all systems on the market today and make it tough for your voice to be heard clearly by the others in your talk group.

Cruiser style motorcycles with aftermarket or loud exhausts make listening to music and having a conversation nearly impossible, even when wearing a full face helmet and sitting behind a windscreen.

If you have to wear ear plugs when you ride do not purchase a communication/intercom system, it will be useless.

We know of many riders that fall into the categories above who use communication/intercom systems and are very happy with them. Just remember that using communication/intercom systems is not like having a cell phone conversation in your car. If you notice the ambient noise inside your helmet when you ride, there is a really good chance you will not be happy with any brand of communication/intercom system. Unlike audio sources with ear buds, helmet speakers sit in the cheek pads. Depending on the make/model of helmet, the riders head shape, etc… the speakers can be anywhere from 1/4” to 1” away from the ear canal.

If you have specific questions about this product that were not answered here contact Cardo Systems directly.