Alpinestars RC-1 One Piece Motorcycle Race Suit ::

Alpinestars RC-1 One Piece Race Suit

  • 1.2-1.4 full-grain leather construction
  • Multiple-stitched main seam construction for maximum tear resistance
  • Ergonomically placed accordion stretch panels and stretch panel inserts for optimal fit and comfort
  • Fully perforated front for cooling
  • GP protectors
  • Aerodynamic back hump
  • External foam padding
  • Soft collar with padded mesh insert
  • Soft wrist cuff construction
  • Removable mesh liner
  • Stitched die-cut leather logos, TPR logos and details
  • GP knee sliders
  • Secure snap connection system for Alpinestars Bionic Race Protector which is available as an optional accessory (see below).

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Sizing Information

The suits are offered in European sizes, so you can select the size using Alpinestars sizing chart using your chest and waist measurements. If you have a bit of a belly, please also measure and compare to the following table. Make sure you are selecting a suit size that will accommodate your chest, belly and waist (from the Alpinestars chart). Height on these suits could be described as “average”. For the smaller suits, max height would be about 5’8”, for mid-size suits about 5’11”, and for the larger suits about 6’1”. If you are taller, then you will want to consider a 2pc suit or a jacket/sport pant combination which will give you more torso height.

Note about adding a back protector: This suit does not come with a back pad installed. If you plan on wearing a separate back protector underneath, you will want to choose a suit about a size larger to allow enough room.
Euro Size Max Chest Size
Max Belly Size
48 38 34
50 40 36
52 42 38
54 44 40
56 46 42
58 48 44
60 50 46
62 52 48
64 54 50

Product Video

Our Two Cents

The RC-1 race suit is a great suit for the serious track rider. This suit combines quality construction, comfort, and protection making it an excellent all-round race suit. This suit would be a good choice for warm weather racing. The front of the torso is perforated to provide cooling airflow, and the molded shoulder protection also has ram-air type venting. There are a few other molded vents on the suit, but they seem to be mostly for looks rather than function. The speed hump on the back is a safety feature primarily. The hump will provide a bridge between the back of a rider’s helmet and their shoulders in case of a fall. This lessens the chance of one’s neck being wrenched forward (chin down position) when landing on your back. The shape of the hump is aerodynamic as well. Another handy feature is the removable nylon liner. You can zip it out and run it through the laundry to keep the interior of the suit clean. The armor used in the suit is a hard plastic over softer foam type armor that looks to be very effective. For added comfort this suit utilizes stretchy material in all of the key movement areas, and for those of you with larger calves there are also zippered expansions in that area. For some good closeups of this suit and its features, take the “View Larger Pictures” link above.