AGV Sport Podium One Piece Suit ::

AGV Sport Podium One Piece Suit (Size 50 Black/Yellow Only)

  • Produced of premium 1.3mm (body) to 1.4mm (impact areas) thick full grain cowhide leather for excellent abrasion resistance
  • Fully perforated leather is used on the entire front, thighs, lower back and around calves; metal screened air induction vents are also located on each shoulder
  • Advanced Safety Seam Stitching (ASSC) used throughout the suit
  • Multi-Tech Stitch- Extreme abrasion and tear resistance for outside of arms, legs and back seams
  • Multi-Four Stitch- High Abrasion and tear resistance for inside of arms, legs and side of back seams.
  • Multi-Triple Stitch- Good abrasion and tear resistance for chest and other normally non- impact or abrasion areas
  • Accordion leather-Spandex stretch panels are located at the back shoulders, above the knees and elbows as well as across the back waist area for maximum mobility and comfort
  • Aramid stretch material is located inside arms, back knee and crotch area for great mobility and comfort
  • Aerodynamic Speed Hump with foam spine pad
  • CE approved protection on shoulders, elbows and shins/knees for maximum safety. EN 1621-level 1
  • Additional rubber padding is placed on the chest, ribs and shoulder blade areas
  • Fixed Micro Mesh antibacterial lining throughout the suit
  • Moisture wicking neoprene in the rear of the collar and down to the race hump for maximum rider comfort
  • Pre curved arms for a perfect look, fit and for maximum riding comfort
  • Original YKK zippers with long pullers used throughout the suit
  • Two-way chest entry zipper
  • Durable adjustable and replaceable Nylon knee sliders
  • Exterior metal armor protectors on the shoulders and knees
  • One small inside pocket is featured
  • Ready for Forcefield Back Insert Size 001 (optional accessory)

Please Note: We cannot ship AGV Sports products to Canada, Italy or Russia (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We tried on and measured three suits across the range of sizes in three models which are new for 2014… the Bullet One Piece, Delta Two Piece and the Podium One Piece. All three have about the same fit… they fit about one size smaller than the stated chest size, but accurate as compared to AGV’s size chart (below). I’d advise you to measure your chest and belly and compare them to the chart to make a selection. For most, it will mean buying one size larger than you might otherwise choose.

The average height person won’t have an issue finding a fit in any of these styles. The one piece suits fit a bit shorter than the two piece model. Max height on the one piece suit will be around 5’9” in the smaller size ranges, 5’11 in the medium size ranges and about 6’1” in the largest sizes. If you are one or two inches taller than this, then you’ll probably get a better fit in the two piece model. Overall, the fit in terms of height for these suits is about what you’d find with many other race suits.

Here is AGV’s fit chart:

Size Chest (in) Waist (in) Sleeve (in) Inseam (in)
40 39.5 – 40.5 33 – 34 24.5 32
42 41 – 42 34.5 – 35.5 25 32
44 42 – 43 36 – 37 25.5 32.5
46 44 – 45 37.5 – 38.5 26 32.5
48 46 – 47 39 – 40 26 33
50 47.5 – 48.5 41 – 42 26.5 33.5
52 49 – 50 42.5 – 43.5 27 34

Note on Inseam: The ACTUAL inseam on a suit like this will be 2 or 3 inches shorter than normal pants or jeans you buy. The pant legs tuck into boots and are only made to reach to the top of your foot. The inseam lengths in the table are longer than the actual inseam lengths on the suits. I’m not sure why they’d even list them other than to perhaps give you a frame of reference if you were comparing to jeans, I dunno. Actually they are pretty useless, so just ignore them.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The two new one piece race suits from AGV Sport for 2014, the Podium and the Bullet, are SO SIMILAR I’m going to tell you about both suits in this review. We’ve sold a LOT of AGV suits in past years, and have had really good luck with them. Buyers seem to like them… fit is “normal” (if you follow my sizing advice above that is), and the prices are very reasonable. Overall quality is good and is certainly acceptable in this price range. These suits are not in the same league as Alpinestars for example, but they can’t be and still be in a price range like this. With either suit, you get a full list of features you’ll want for aggressive sport riding or amateur racing. Here are some highlights… full set of CE rated molded rubber protectors for elbows, shoulders and knees. Replaceable knee sliders with a set included (something you don’t have to buy extra!). A simple foam back pad is included but can be upgraded for CE level protection (see below), or you can take out the thin foam one and use any upgraded back protector you can wear under a suit. Both suits have a speed hump and both have generous perforations. Both have the Aramid stretch panels in the arms, crotch and down the legs, which are vitally important if a suit is to fit well at all. Very cheap suits will be all leather or use a very stiff, non flexible fabric in those areas and won’t fit good. Speaking of fit, you’ll find leather stretch panels over the waist in back and over the knees and behind the arms, which are also necessary for a decent fit on the bike and so you can move easily. You might be asking what would you get if you bought a suit costing closer to $1000? Probably a removable nylon liner so they can be removed and washed eventually (these are fixed). Better overall fit/finish and styling. And more elaborate armor for the back and chest, and more elaborate (trick) external armor. Let me say something about the fixed vs. non-fixed liner. Most suits are only worn occasionally, and we see a lot of well used suits through our Customer’s Closet with liners that haven’t ever been cleaned/washed and the vast majority look fine and smell fine. The liners in suits are made of materials that resist absorbing grime and odors. And if you wear some stretch underwear, like something Coolmax for example, the fixed/washable liner issue probably won’t ever even come up. Anyway as to the differences between the two suits… well, not a whole lot really. I had to compare the bullet point lists and the close up pictures very carefully. They few things that popped out at me were that the Podium has the external armor on the knees, a vented top leather piece on the speed hump, two small shoulder vent scoops and a slightly different design on the area behind the calves. I think both are great suits for the money and recommend either of them. Just compare the close up pics side by side to decide which one appeals more. :: Paul, 07-11-14

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