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Icon Device Textile Pants

  • Icon overpant fit pattern
  • Durable textile chassis
  • Removable/adjustable CE impact protectors
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Ratchet waist closure
  • Zippered side pockets for secure storage
  • Inseam zippers for easy on/off

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Sizing Information

We tried the size 34 in this pant on Huey who wears a 34 in jeans and we put a 38 Device pant on Dewey who normally wears a 38. The overpants fit great over their jeans in both cases.

Our advice is to buy the same size Device pants you normally wear in jeans. They should work great as overpants since the waist is slightly over-sized. The pants have an adjustable front closure and two side Velcro adjustment straps. I measured two sizes and found them to measure out two inches larger than the stated size (which makes sense for an overpant design). The adjusters would allow you to customize the waist down in size by about 3”.

Below is the chart Icon provides for the pant’s inseam measurement. I checked with a tape and the chart is dead on.

Waist Size Inseam
28 32
30 32
32 33
34 33
36 33
38 34
40 34
42 34
44 34

Note: The pants sizes for sale go up to 54” waist, but Icon’s chart only goes up to 44”. The inseam sizes stall out at 34” length which is typical, so one would assume all sizes larger than 44” have a 34” inseam also, although we didn’t physically verify this.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Icon’s Device pants are a simple rugged textile overpant design. The plain styling would work for just about any type of street rider. The thing I like the most about these pants is the waist design. They have a very heavy duty front buckle closure and the size adjusters are strong enough to hold their position well. By nature, overpants are a bit of a loose fit which will make them comfortable and easy to wear. The pants have two zippered pockets in front to stash some stuff. The pants have knee armor which has a nifty pocket design so you can adjust the armor up or down in the pants to accommodate different height riders. All you have to do is to re-position the armor into one of three pouches. They are even labelled (although who wouldn’t be able to figure that out?). I always question whether a knee armor piece like this would actually be (or stay) in position over your knee in case of a crash. The pants are not tight, so the armor is apt to be up or down, or on one side or the other I’d think. All overpants are basically like this, so these are no worse or better in that regard, but if I could think of a good way to hold the armor in position and still retain the easy fit and convenience, I probably could get a patent on it! Anyway, it’s there and maybe it will do some good for you… here’s hoping! The pants can be put on and taken off by way of inseam zippers. Hmmm…. I always thought that was a no-no in pants or chaps because of the possibility of the zipper scratching paint. There is a small textile panel over the zipper that is about 3/4 inch wide, but it will no doubt gape when your knee is bent. If you are a freak about scratches, maybe you’d want something else more conventional. I really can’t think of a reason why they’d make it an inseam zipper instead of an outside seam zipper. Oh, well, maybe Icon fans LIKE scratched paint?? (sorry, that is me being a smart ass) :: Paul, 09-14-12