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Icon Citadel Pants

  • Icon sport fit
  • Nylon and mesh outer shell
  • Removable D30® CE certified knee protectors
  • 3M® reflective welds
  • Full length YKK® inseam zippers
  • Articulated accordion flex zones
  • Removable stirrups
  • Removable nylon belt
  • Loop connectors attach to Citadel jacket

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Sizing Information

Below is the “official” waist size chart for the Citadel pants. Inseams range from 32” in the smaller sizes to a max of 34” in the larger sizes.

As for the waist, it’s a fail. I measure the Medium as being 3” larger than the chart and the XL at 4” larger than the chart. So these pants are one to two sizes larger than stated. This is a disappointment. Choosing a size to fit will be guesswork and will depend upon whether you wear them over clothes or not. I guess my best advice would be to measure yourself just below the navel either over clothes or not (depending upon how you plan to wear them), subtract 3” and then choose a size using Icon’s chart.

Pants Size Icon’s Estimate
of Waist
What We Measured
Small 30 -
Medium 32 35
Large 34 -
XL 36 40
XXL 38 -
XXXL 40 -
XXXXL 42 -

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Citadel is a textile mesh combo hot weather overpant. Of course it is meant to go with the Citadel Jacket, but really, you could use a pant like this with any jacket. First mention right out of the box… we took a good group of close-up photos of the pants’ features which you can see by taking the “View Larger Images” link above. Our photos, for some reason though, show the “Charcoal” color as looking sort of ash-brown, but in reality, they are very much like a slightly pale army green. Something about that fabric just doesn’t photograph accurately… and Icon apparently had an issue as well because their photo for the same color pant looks like ordinary grey, but the pants definitely have a greenish tint. Anyway, enough about our color issues… and more about the pants. These pants are primarily designed as overpants, and while you could go “commando” (as the Icon catalog cleverly says), the overall cut is loose and they have the longer leg zippers to facilitate wearing them over other pants, so they will feel better to you as overpants. I really like the waist belt design. The belt is VERY substantial and totally adjustable. It reminds me of a military style belt… very thick nylon with one of those metal buckles with teeth… one caveat though…. the belt material will be snagged a bit by the metal teeth and will fray with use. I think it would take a long time to affect function, but aesthetically you can see it and it may be a bother to some folks. We got a snag on the belt started just during the photo shoot. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how Icon would react to a warranty claim about this and I’d prefer to not have anybody claim it as defective especially since I’m offering full disclosure on the issue. But anyway, the belt does function well. The pants combine solid textile and mesh and for the most part they will flow a lot of air. Some early promo material mentions a waterproof liner, but that is not the case… these aren’t waterproof. You get two rear hip pockets for storage. The pants come with D30 knee armor which is soft and comfortable and the knee pocket they go in is a “three way” pocket so you can pick the height position in one of three places. There are stirrup straps on the leg ends if you find the pants blow up your leg and that bugs you. Otherwise take off the stirrup straps and throw them in a drawer. A couple oddities… there are two grommet holes at the end of the leg and I couldn’t figure out their function. Icon told me they were “drain holes”. Hmmm… a mesh pant doesn’t hold water, so neither does that explanation. Sort of reinforces though the idea that these pants might have first been conceived as waterproof. The second oddity is that the leg zippers zip up from the bottom but also down from the top…. the explanation being that you could unzip them partially for venting. Hmmm… they are a mesh pant so why would you need additional venting? Oh well, I wouldn’t recommend zipping down from the top because that will negate any knee armor function. Just my advice. Anyway, given the sizing issues, the belt issue and the other couple oddities, I really can’t get behind this model. :: Paul, 09-11-13