Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air Jacket - 2016 ::

Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air Jacket - 2016

  • Constructed from a highly durable and abrasion resistant 450/600 denier poly-fabric for long-lasting performance
  • Extensive mesh panels on the torso provide substantial airflow when riding for superior comfort in warmer weather conditions
  • Removable interior thermal liner jacket (100g body, 60gsleeve) lining with pockets allows garment to be worn in different weather This is a wind/waterproof liner without insulation. The main jacket and thermal liner share identical pockets for easy convenient storage
  • Full mesh lining boosts garment’s all-round airflow capabilities and breathability
  • Class-leading impact protection provided by removable Bio Air CE level 2 ventilated elbow and shoulder protectors
  • Incorporating Alpinestars’ Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) external protectors on the shoulders for unsurpassed abrasion resistance
  • Chest and back pad compartments supplied with PE foam padding (CE certified Nucleon protectors available as accessory)
  • Snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE certified Nucleon Back Protector (available as accessory)
  • All protections are perforated and securely housed in mesh compartments to significantly increase garment’s air flow performance
  • Sport fit with pre-curved sleeve construction for reduced fatigue and enhanced riding comfort
  • Strategically positioned accordion poly-fabric stretch inserts above elbow and shoulders for excellent flex fit
  • 3D mesh collar construction plus wrist cuff edging for improved comfort and breathability
  • Velcro® and D-ring waist adjustments for a secure and customized fit
  • Velcro® and zipped wrist cuff closures allow further fine tuning of garment’s fit
  • Lower rear profile design offers lumbar coverage and prevents jacket from riding up over pants
  • Convenient waterproof internal pocket keeps important documents safe and dry
  • External, large-opening front hand pockets are zippered for peace-of-mind closure
  • Poly-fabric comfort textile on collar for comfort and moisture-wicking
  • Multiple internal compartment pockets feature Velcro® closures for additional security
  • Waist connection zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants
  • Reflective details for improved rider visibility

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Sizing Information

These jackets are sold in US based “alpha” sizes. For most Alpinestars styles we recommend choosing the size you normally wear, but this style is running a bit smaller, about a half size smaller in the lower size ranges and probably a full size smaller in the largest sizes. I’ve put together a chart below that shows you Alpinestars chest size estimate for each jacket size, and I’m also including our estimate of max chest.

The best thing to do to choose a size is to measure your chest and belly and choose a jacket size that will be big enough to accommodate both, and for most, that will put you in a jacket that is about one size bigger than you normally wear.

The taper of this jacket is about average (taper means how much smaller the waist/belly is than the chest). As you can see from the chart, the belly is consistently about 4” smaller than the chest which will be great for nearly any type of street riding. If you are a bit smaller in the waist, you can use the side adjusters to snug up the waist to suit.

Jacket Size Alpinestars Est of
Chest Range
Our Estimate of
Max Chest
Max Belly
Small 37.5 to 39 38 34
Medium 40 to 41.5 40 36
Large 42 to 43.5 42 38
XL 44.5 to 46 44 40
XXL 47 to 49 46 42
XXXL 49 to 51 49 45
XXXXL 51.5 to 53 52 47

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

This is the “Air” version of the new T-GP Pro Jackets for 2016. There is also the solid textile version of this jacket called simply the T-GP Pro Jacket. Both versions are upgraded continuations of the model. We put the “2016” in the name of this model to differentiate it from previous styles of the same name. This air version jacket is a sport cut part-textile/part-mesh style, so obviously this will appeal if you do a lot of riding in warm to hot temps.

Take the “View Larger Images” link above and look at the large pictures of the body and you’ll see there are two good size mesh panels in front and two in the back. Air will flow freely through these panels and give comfort in hot weather. And while you won’t get the same flow as with a full mesh style, you’ll still get a lot and so I’ll recommend this jacket for temps anywhere from cool to hot weather (but maybe not blazing hot). I say cool because the jacket does include a removable wind and waterproof liner. If you put the liner in, you’ll be blocking the wind which will help extend the comfort range into cooler temps. The liner is not insulated, so you’ll need to come up with your own under-layer garments for that.

The jacket comes with the CE level 2 Bio Air armor for the shoulders and elbows (see my note below). This jacket is fairly unique as compared to other brands we carry in that you have the option to upgrade the back and chest armor to more substantial units (see below), and in fact the back pad and chest pads that ship with the jacket are really just placeholders. Sure, they’d do some good, but they are thin and are not rated. Also, this year the jacket gets the built in hard plastic protectors on the shoulders. They look great and they are substantial too, and will add to the overall armor effectiveness.

To complete a riding outfit, use the all-around zipper for connection to pants. You can choose from any of the pants that also have the mating zipper. Take a look at our close-up pics to see the liner, the zipper, pockets and all the other details. Also, we’ve put together some night photos to show you the reflectives.

Frankly, I don’t see a substantive difference between this 2016 T-GP Pro Air jacket and the previous model, but I did notice the jacket is cut a bit more sporty and more snugly, size per size, so be sure and measure and use the sizing advice here to choose the size. But even though the 2016s aren’t radically new, they have undergone a styling upgrade and are a very nice, premium sport jacket. :: Paul, 04-22-16

Update about armor: This jacket includes Alpinestars new Bio Air CE Level 2 ventilated armor (see our photo gallery for pics). In recent marketing materials, Alpinestars has not made clear this armor is “new and improved” and also rated CE Level 2 as compared to their longstanding standard armor, called Bio Armor. But we have verified the jackets are constructed with this new armor. :: Paul, 09-13-16

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