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Arai Corsair V Russell Frost Helmet

  • Intermediate oval fit; this shape is designed for the rider whose head has a front-to-back dimension that is longer than the side-to-side dimension. This is a neutral head-shape design which tends to fit most riders well
  • Hyper-Ridge around the bottom enhances shell strength while providing a larger bottom opening
  • Larger bottom opening promotes ease of putting on and taking off the helmet
  • Peripheral belting across the forehead area of the shell enhances structural integrity while maintaining flexibility, low weight and shell size
  • Larger upper vent tabs make operating the vents easier even with thick winter gloves
  • Arai “SAI” shield with Super AdSis shield system
  • “SAI” shield is 5mm longer on each side and provides wider field of view
  • Latest generation of Dry Cool liner
  • Rear mounting snaps are slightly re-positioned for exclusivity to the Corsair V
  • Neckroll is removable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat
  • Cheek pads have the exclusive Emergency Release Tab feature
  • Side exhaust cowls exhaust heat as well as add lateral stability at speed
  • Enhanced air inlets of the DF-9 diffuser increase airflow efficiency
  • Brow vents now duct air into the temple area and out the side vents for maximum cooling
  • Exclusive Airwing provides unprecedented aerodynamic performance with 5 distinct positions
  • DOT approved
  • Snell Certified

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Please Note: We can only ship Arai products to addresses in the 50 US states, US Territories (excluding Guam) and any APO/FPO addresses (per manufacturer’s restrictions).
Free Return Shipping on Exchanges: If you need to return an Arai helmet in exchange for another size/model of Arai helmet (within the time frame/conditions of our normal return terms) will cover the cost of returning the first Arai helmet to our warehouse. Please contact us during normal business hours to make this arrangement.

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Sizing Information

Size Head (inches) Head (cm)
XS 20 7/8 – 21 1/4 53-54cm
Small 21 5/8 – 22 55-56cm
Medium 22 1/2 – 22 7/8 57-58cm
Large 23 1/4 – 23 5/8 59-60cm
XL 24 – 24 3/8 61-62cm
XXL 24 3/4 – 25 1/8 63-64cm

This chart is just a starting point for determining the correct size Arai for you. For an in-depth look at Arai helmet sizing, click here

Our Two Cents

The first thing I noticed about the Corsair V after opening the box and pulling out the helmet is that it comes with a CD for your computer and a tool you need for replacing the base plate, rear spoiler (wing) and for changing the shield. So it is important not to lose this tool. The CD offers quasi video instructions on how to change the visor and base plate on the helmet. You also get an instruction manual with the helmet that goes over this as well. Changing the shield on an Arai helmet is a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes quick and simple. After about five minutes of practice I got it down and can swap out the shields without any trouble. Speaking of the shield, Arai has two brow vents in the SAI shield that comes on the Corsair V helmet which is a unique feature that enhances the air flow through the helmet. The Corsair V also has a vent on the chin bar that vents the face shield and allows air to flow around the sides of the rider’s head. On the top of the helmet there are three vents in the front and four in the rear. The back of the helmet has an adjustable spoiler (wing) which helps keep the helmet stable at higher speeds. The shell shape of the helmet is an intermediate oval shape so this helmet will work better for people who need more room from back to front. When putting on the helmet you see a sticker on the inside of the chin bar that says “push the spoiler up in the chinbar before putting the helmet on “. Arai is referring to what most people refer to as a chin curtain. This is part of the helmet and not removable. However it is adjustable and can be pulled down away from the chin bar. This pulls the Air Flow Spoiler closer to the rider and deflects the air from coming up under your chin which is great to have on the colder days. The crown liner, cheek pads and neckroll are fully removable for cleaning or replacing. When you pull the padding out of the helmet you can see seven chimney channels. Three in the front for air coming into the helmet from the front vents, two at the top and two towards the back. The two in the top and rear pull heat up and channel it out the rear vents through the Shock Absorbing Liner. I would recommend reading through the user’s manual on the helmet. It will give you instructions on the proper way to remove and replace all the parts of the helmet and you might learn something about the helmet you didn’t know before. ;) This helmet has been specifically built for the racetrack rider, but is an excellent choice for the aggressive street rider who values the light weight, performance and exceptional features in this highest quality helmet offered by Arai. One thing to keep in mind though is whether or not you primarily ride in the tuck position or if you’re mostly riding more upright. This helmet is designed to work best in the tuck position as it is meant primarily for a track rider. If you ride mostly in an upright position, you might want to consider Arai’s premium street helmet, the RX-Q. :: Aaron, 10/30/12

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