Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves - 2014 ::

Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves - 2014

  • Constructed from a supple and highly durable full-grain leather chassis to provide core abrasion resistance and durability
  • Palm and finger sidewalls are reinforced with supple goat’s leather for feel and performance fit
  • Main shell reinforcement is provided by synthetic leather coverage over fingers and cuff
  • Synthetic suede reinforcements on palm and landing zones for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Ergonomic, advanced compound and MotoGP-derived TPU slider on palm is backed with EVA foam for impact performance
  • Alpinestars’ robust carbon compound knuckle guard provides exceptional impact and abrasion protection
  • Strategically positioned impact absorbing EVA foam for additional impact performance and protection in key areas
  • Alpinestars’ patented finger-bridge prevents excessive finger roll and separation during impacts
  • Extensive gusset opening on thumb allows flex and freedom of movement
  • Perforated cuff, leather top panel and ventilated finger sidewalls help keep the hands cool
  • Pre-curved finger construction reduces rider fatigue
  • Wide Velcro® wrist closure for easy entry and secure fastening
  • Touch screen compatible fingertip area on index for use with smartphones and GPS systems

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Sizing Information

The fit of Alpinestars gloves are very consistent from one model to the next. And overall, they fit a bit small as compared to other brands we carry such as FirstGear, Tour Master, etc. It’s not enough to recommend that you buy a larger size (especially if a snug fit is preferred) but it is noticeable enough to say that if you are sometimes between sizes, then you should probably choose the larger of the two. Hopefully you’ve had some experience with buying gloves and can choose based upon the fit of a previous pair. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

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Our Two Cents

By my count the 2014 SP-2 glove is the fifth iteration of this style over the last 10 years or so. The SP-2 is Alpinestars “go to” gauntlet glove for street and sport riders. They make more elaborate race gloves of course, but with the SP-2 they are including the things they think most sport riders will want, and they are “keeping it simple” so that the gloves are more affordable. Of course you get a basic gauntlet for complete wrist coverage with a Velcro close strap. The main protective features are the molded fiberglass knuckle cover and the plastic “slider” in the heel of the hand. The function of the knuckle cover is obvious… to protect your knuckles from impact damage if you fall. The molded, hard fiberglass design is really an industry standard, and looks sharp too. The slider in the heel of the hand is there for a measure of impact protection, but also to promote sliding on pavement if you put your hands out palm down. The idea is that when you impact, you’d rather have the hands slide than “grab” and probably twist upon impact. The gloves are all-leather and there are double layers in strategic spots like the side of the pinkie and in the heel of the hand around the slider. Speaking of the pinkie, this glove (like nearly all Alpinestars gloves) has a small leather piece that connects the pinkie and ring finger of each glove. This is a safety feature designed to add strength to the more fragile pinkie in case of a fall. Sort of like a splint helps protect an injured finger from damage by coupling it to the adjacent finger. Overall, I’d characterize these as very competent street rider gloves with very nice styling. As I mentioned, they aren’t robust enough for the track in my opinion as they lack certain features (such as a positive closure at the wrist). But for their intended purpose and for what they cost, I think they are great. And Alpinestars has had at least 10 years of sales success with this model, so I think the riding public at large agrees with me. Oh, and I almost forgot! Technology creeps in to the design this year… the index finger has a little patch of conductive material to make them operate your cell or GPS. Neat. :: Paul, 03-24-14