Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Collarless Vest ::

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Without Collar (Sold Out)

  • Designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system
  • Warmth without bulk or discomfort, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride
  • Lightweight, flexible steel fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth
  • Expanding side panels help fine tune the fit and increase comfort
  • Water-resistant, dual rheostat included
  • Synergy® vest includes a power lead wiring harness, Temperature Control Unit and a thigh-mounted leg band to attach the temperature control unit
  • This version is without a collar

Technical Product Information (pdf format):
Synergy Owners Manual
Synergy Power Usage Specs

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We checked the fit on these vests with our size mannequin and found it to run consistent with Tour Master’s size chart (see below). Generally speaking you can choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing If you want to choose a size based upon a chest measurement, you can use the chart provided by Tour Master that would fit you the best. Keep in mind that heated apparel is most effective when worn right up against your body. For this reason you should only wear a light layer of clothing underneath the heated apparel.

Alpha Size Chest Inches
XS 38
Small 40
Medium 42
Large 44
XL 46
XXL 50

Our Two Cents

The Synergy 2.0 heated vest liner is the second generation of this garment from Tour Master. They made two versions, one with a collar or if you’d prefer a garment with a smaller profile you can get the version without a collar that is now on closeout.

What’s different? Basically the only difference is they’re now using flexible steel fiber heating elements instead of the carbon fiber heating elements used in the previous version. The steel fiber elements heat up instantly, are lightweight and provide safe and even heating. This wire is very thin and flexible and is hardly noticeable when wearing the vest. If you’ve never had heated apparel before, you are going to wonder why you didn’t get some sooner. The Synergy vest liner is like being wrapped in a nice, warm cozy blanket, even at below freezing temperatures. There is a power outlet for connecting the Synergy heated pants or chaps liners. When connecting multiple items together, they are all controlled through a dual rheostat temperature controller (typically the jacket or vest controller). An elastic leg strap is included, which allows you to clip the controller to your left thigh. The rheostat temperature controller is simple to operate with gloves on, is water resistant, and has five adjustable settings. On the highest setting, the vest liner is almost uncomfortably hot. We have tested it down into the mid 30’s (so far), and low or medium has been plenty warm. Simply turn the knob on the controller to the right to cycle through the different settings, to shut off the garment you turn the knob on the controller to the left. A power lead wiring harness is also included with all Synergy jackets, vests or gloves, so there’s nothing else to buy, it’s ready to go (unless for some reason you only purchase pants or chaps, then you’ll need to purchase the power lead wiring harness and rheostat controller separately). One power lead wiring harness is required per person. The Synergy vest has stretch panels down both sides and does not feel restrictive at all when wearing it. The collar extends up a good ways to protect the neck (except of course on the no-collar version), and the collar is lined with a comfortable fleece like material. The outer shell of the vest is made of a wind blocking liner, which helps keep you even more insulated from the cold. According to Tour Master, the Synergy jacket, vests and pants liners are machine washable, just remove the rheostat temperature controller and wash on gentle cycle and air dry. Please be sure to read the installation guide that comes with whichever Synergy garments you decide on before using them so that you’re hooking them up properly and getting maximum enjoyment out of them.