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REVIT Horizon Pants

  • Outer shell: PWR Shell 750D 2L (similar to Cordura), Lorica® ; PWR Wax 500D, PWR Shell 500D Stretch 2L
  • Waterproofing and breathability with Hydratex® Lite; all weather protection is provided with just one layer. The inner surface of the outer shell features a waterproof coating with micropores, which keeps rain and wind out
  • Removable thermal insulated liner
  • Visibility with laminated reflection at upper legs and on the calves
  • Knox® Flexiform CE protection at knees, perforated EVA foam at the hips; armor is adjustable for height
  • Adjustment straps at waist, adjustment tab at ankles
  • Short and long connection zipper for attaching pants to any REV’IT jacket; here’s some info about zipper lengths/compatibilities
  • Calf zippers
  • Stretch fabric at back and knees
  • Slit pockets allow access to jeans pockets underneath

More info: This document explains some of the features and materials listed above. (Not all REV’IT! products have all the features or materials listed. Use your back button after viewing.)

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and the main conclusion was that the pants run a bit small in the waist as compared to REV’IT’s published sizing chart. The amount by which they run small seems to be less in the smaller sizes and more in the larger sizes. The inseams however are very well represented in their chart.

What we’ve done is to develop a chart for you that shows each pant size and REV’IT’s published size estimate of waist alongside our own estimate of size. We’d advise you to choose a pant size based upon our sizing estimates of course. These estimates were made assuming the pants would be worn over underwear or light clothing. If you are wearing the pants over jeans or similar heavy pants, you’ll want to err to the larger size if you are between sizes, or just go up to the next size if you are the max range of a size. The size adjustment straps work pretty well to give you size adjustability… we estimate about 2”

As you can see in the chart, the pants are available in regular, short and tall inseam sizes, so choose the inseam you normally wear in slacks or jeans. The pants also have adjustability of the armor height (independent of inseam length) which can be accessed by pulling each leg inside out. Velcro allows you set the armor in different spots and you can check how the armor feels on your knee when you are sitting on the bike and decide which position it seems best. Neat!

Pant Size REV’IT Estimate Our Estimate Inseam Reg Inseam Short Inseam Tall
Small 29-31 28-30 29 - -
Medium 31-34 31-33 30 29 32
Large 34-37 33-35 31 30 34
XL 38-41 35-37 32 30 34
XXL 41-43 37-39 33 31 35
XXXL 44-46 40-42 33 - -

Measurement tip: With an overpant style like this, you’ll want to measure your waist over the clothing you intend to wear under the pants. And measure yourself fairly high up the waist because protective style pants like this are cut to ride higher on your waist than a lot of modern jean styles (so relying just upon the size jeans you buy might result in motorcycle pants that are too small). Right below the navel is about the right height on the waist for measurement.

Our Two Cents

The Horizon Pants by REV’IT are a companion to the Horizon jacket. As with the jacket, these pants are made for those who do commuting or touring riding and for those that often encounter cold, cool and/or wet weather. The big advantage to this style is the way that they accomplish the waterproofing aspect. The material used in these pants has the waterproof/breathable barrier bonded directly to the back of the outershell fabric. You’ll get a pant that won’t get waterlogged as with other types that have a separate (removable or non-removable) barrier that is installed BEHIND the outer shell material. Even with the dual-use nature of the shell construction, the pants don’t feel any thicker than other similar textile pants. And that is important because when you consider the bulk of the removable thermal liner, the combo of the two doesn’t get overly thick. Overall I like this design approach and would recommend it. However, construction like this where waterproofing is the main objective doesn’t offer any direct or indirect venting, so consider these pants for the conditions I’m describing above. In hot weather they’ll be cookers! While we are on the subject of weather though… the included full leg removable liner should work really well in cold weather. The material is not too bulky, but its high quality materials will do a good job with heat retention, and as I’ve said, the outer shell is waterproof and windproof, so the combo with the liner installed will work great.

Other things: the pants are somewhat trim in style and made primarily to be worn over underwear or light clothing. They could be worn as overpants, but pay attention to the sizing advice above for that. I really ran on when I described the overall quality of construction and materials with the Horizon jacket and the same shows with the pants. The pant style is more simple, so there isn’t as much to describe, but the main high points are: a very good adjustable waist and a high quality hook/snap waist closure (take a look at our closeup photos to see all these in detail). The pants have very large reflective patches so you will be visible at night. There is a zip-down and Velcro-adjustable construction at the ankle so you can make the pants fit well over boots and shoes and you can adjust them to keep them off the ground. REV’IT offers both a short rear zipper and a longer zipper for connection to their own jackets. The pants come with the mating halves of those zippers which you could use to adapt a non-REV’IT jacket as well. Overall, a very nice pant that will work perfectly with the Horizon, or any jacket for that matter. You’ll like the high quality tailoring, the extreme waterproofing with less bulk and the thermal liner. :: Paul, 10-02-12

A note about the pass through pocket feature: One feature advertised by REV’IT is the “pass through pocket”. This pocket has a waterproof zipper closure, and it is supposed to allow you to reach through the pants into pants or jeans underneath, but in the pairs we checked, there was an actual fabric pocket there rather than just an open pass through. Our REV’IT rep reports that they have a “mixed inventory” issue with this feature… some are pass-thru and some have fabric pockets. If you have a preference, email us when you order and let us know and we’ll ask them to look for a pair that works for you.