Joe Rocket Comet Jacket ::

Joe Rocket Comet Jacket (Sold Out)

  • Combined Rock Tex™ 600 and 1.2mm leather outer shell
  • Removable Comfort Flex C.E. rated armor at the shoulders and elbows
  • Removable dual density spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
  • Articulated expansion panel back shoulders for added mobility, fit and comfort
  • Variable-Flow™ ventilation system (biceps, torso and back)
  • 6-Point Sure Fit™ custom adjustment system (adjustable sleeves, wrists, & waist)
  • 2 outside hand-warmer pockets, 2 chest pockets & 1 inside pocket
  • 4 Snap loops for attaching jacket to belt
  • 8” rear zipper for pant attachment
  • Removable insulated vest liner
  • Reflective stripe

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Sizing Information

We checked the sizing of this jacket against Joe Rocket’s size chart and found the estimated chest sizes to be accurate, and Joe Rocket’s size chart is very “standard” (no surprises). We also tried on a Med and XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey and they look great (view those shots by taking the View Larger Images link above). Therefore, I recommend you choose the size jacket you normally wear in men’s clothing. You can use the chart to choose if you know your chest size.

If you have a bit of a belly you can measure your belly with a tape to make sure the jacket size you choose will be big enough. The max belly size for each jacket is about 6” less than the chest size. For example, the men’s XL has a 46-48 inch chest and a max belly of about 40 to 42 inches.

The jacket sleeves are solid textile and leather (no stretch fabric panels) so there isn’t much “give”, and the cut through the arms is pretty trim. The trim fit feels good because it helps keep the elbow armor in a good position, but if you have larger-than-average arms, this jacket will likely be too tight in the sleeves for you. It will be fine for those with average to skinny arms.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The new Comet jacket from Joe Rocket offers a combination of textile and leather. A textile jacket is lighter than an all leather jacket and “moves” easier, but many people believe that leather is the best material for protection in a fall. With the Comet design you really get the best of both worlds. Another advantage to the leather overlay design is that the leather inlays improve the jacket’s ability to hold the armor in position as well. The CE approved armor used in the elbows and shoulders is better contoured than armor in the past and feels really good with the jacket on. The climate control features in this jacket are pretty standard, but the zippered venting is more extensive than with most textile styles, so I think you’ll like how well the air can flow through this jacket in warmer weather. There are a total of four zip vents on the front and two on the back. For cooler weather, the jacket includes a vest type removable thermal liner. For nighttime visibility the jacket incorporates a large reflector across the shoulders. The jacket will connect to Joe Rocker pants with a short rear zipper and if you are wearing jeans or armored jeans, you can connect the tail of the jacket to your belt with some snap-close tabs. In our photo gallery, we have some good shots of the pockets, waist and arm fit adjustments, night reflectivity, etc, so be sure to take the “View Larger Images” link above to see those. I’ve always liked the Comet from Joe Rocket (this year’s is one of many iterations of the style). The leather adds a lot of style and makes this jacket “feel” more like a great riding jacket ought to. :: Paul, 03-01-13

PS: One pan I just have to mention…. the black textile fabric used in this jacket shows lint more than the fabric used in other styles. Pick up a lint brush to clean it up from time to time (depending upon how much of a clean freak you are!).

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