Simple Solutions The Grunge Brush

  • The Three sided bristles allow you to clean all Four sides of your chain and the long bristle side lets you clean parts like swingarms, sprockets, and wheels
  • Regular cleaning of these components prevents premature wear and tear and assures smooth operation of the drive train
  • Bristle blocks are adjustable to accommodate all chain sizes
  • O-ring safe bristles
  • Will work for all motorcycle and mountain bike chains

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Our Two Cents

The Grunge Brush will save you time and do a good job of cleaning your chain. The bristles are adjustable allowing you to get good coverage on whatever size chain your are cleaning.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Daveonne H.
Location: New York

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From: Anthony B.
Location: New York

Very happy with the build of the jacket. Couldn't be beat for the price. Shipped quick as always. Haven't had to use the grunge brush yet but it's way bigger than it looks in the pictures and seems to be made well.

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