FirstGear Laguna Aero Backpack

  • Constructed of heavy duty 1680D nylon and 1200D polyester with PVC and UV protection
  • Tested to over 150 mph
  • Conceived with 2-up riding in mind
  • Rounded aerodynamic top reduces drag
  • Tapers from top to bottom
  • Inboard side is arched ergonomically
  • Built in helmet storage compartment
  • Laptop storage compartment
  • Easy access rain suit pocket
  • Extra wide adjustable compression strap at waist
  • Extra wide adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable pockets on shoulder straps
  • Adjustable compression strap at chest
  • Built in rain cover included

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Sizing Information

  • Dimensions: 20.00”(L) x 13.50”(W) x 9.50”(H)
  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 10.00”(W) x 11.50(H)

Our Two Cents

FirstGear is toting the Laguna Aero Backpack as the most innovative backpack on the market today, and I would agree. FirstGear achieved an aerodynamic shape with riding position ergonomics and tons of features. They also claim the shape was designed with 2-up riding in mind (shouldn’t the passenger wear it?). FirstGear is saying the shape will work between the rider and passenger, this bag does taper dramatically but it would be ideal for the passenger to wear it as a safety precaution and comfort issue. Now the features; the aerodynamics start at the top with a rounded shape that reduces drag, relieves shoulder pressure and conceals an easy access pocket that would be a great place for a rain suit. The inboard side is arched ergonomically, the waist compression strap is much wider at the sides (than other brands) distributing the pressure over a larger area of the hips also relieving shoulder pressure, this greatly increases overall comfort when the backpack is secured for travel. The chest compression strap is adjustable so the shoulder straps can be cinched into place, all these features of aerodynamics and securing make for added comfort at speed. Removable pockets located on shoulder straps for cell phones and MP3 players positioned to be in range of Bluetooth headsets, small pockets at the sides of the waist strap, internal organizer, padded laptop compartment, built in helmet storage, built in rain cover (both tuck away when not in use), the Carbon Fiber look trim adds to the already high tech look and the heavy duty material will maintain it’s shape when empty. This is an excellent backpack aimed at the sportbike rider because of the aerodynamics but is obviously well suited for any rider. The only downside to the aerodynamic features is the loss of capacity, the dimensions listed above may seem big at first glance but take into account the shape, size is greatly reduced towards the bottom where it is only 7.5” wide. Be sure to check out the detailed photos by clicking on the “View Larger Pictures” link above.

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