Cortech by Tour Master Dryver Tank Bag GPS Bag with Mounting Bracket

  • Specifically designed for use with the Cortech Dryver tank bags
  • Constructed of a waterproof, molded 195 gram jersey-knit material outer shell
  • Waterproof zippered main compartment with clear view window
  • Foam inserts included to insure the best fit possible for various GPS sizes/styles
  • Bracket is adjustable for positioning the GPS at the best viewing angle see notes at bottom of page
  • Water resistant gate on each side of the bag for routing cables see notes at bottom of page

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Sizing Information

  • GPS bag dimensions: 3.25”(L) x 5.00”(W) x 2.00”(H)

Our Two Cents

This GPS Bag with Mounting Bracket is designed to fit in the attachment slots on the front of the Cortech Dryver Tank Bags. The concept of this product is great because you can adjust the angle of the GPS bag to best match your line of sight.

Notes: The adjustment capability of the bracket is a key component to the function, but… Expect to have to tighten all the Allen bolts, every one of these we ordered in had loose bolts, not a huge deal but I felt it was necessary to mention.

The water resistant gate on each side of the bag for routing cables through, leads to a hole or cutout in the bag. Unfortunately the cutout in the bag is smaller than the diameter of a pencil (see pictures) so depending on the what type and size of cables you are routing through the hole it may be necessary to actually cut away some of the bag to make the hole larger.

I suspect that Cortech will address the above issues, but for now this is what to expect.

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