ChatterBox iJet NanoG2

  • Built in FM transmitter
  • No external battery or A/C adapter required
  • 100% compatible with ChatterBox models
  • Up to 150 feet of remote control range
  • Signals travel through walls, floors and around corners
  • Supports U.S. and International tuning modes
  • Easy to read onscreen display of FM channels
  • Water resistant
  • Remote clip included
  • Lithium batteries included
  • Available in Black only

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

  • Compatible with 2nd GEN Nano

Our Two Cents


Q. I have an iPod Nano and would like to purchase an iJet unit. I see that you have two models for the Nano. Which one should I buy?

Answer: Because there are two versions of iPod Nano it is very important that you purchase the correct model.

If you have the original Nano (this is the black or white version with the stainless steel back) then you will need to purchase the iJet for iPod Nano.

If you have the newer iPod Nano Gen 2 (aluminum body all one color, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Black – with no stainless steel back) then you will need the iJet for iPod Nano2.

Q. My iJet for Nano is not communicating with the receiver?

Answer: Every so often we hear of a unit not responding. If you experience this just follow these simple steps to “re-learn” the remote to the receiver.

1. Place your iPod Nano into the iJet unit 2. Grab your remote and hold down the Volume UP, Volume Down, Track Forward and Track Back buttons at the same time for approximately 2 to 3 seconds. 3. Press pause/play (center button). You should be back up and functioning. If the remote did not relearn then repeat the process. Be sure to perform steps 1 & 2 within approximately 10 seconds, as these first few seconds are when the two pieces begin to communicate with each other and can be retrained easily.

Questions:* If you have specific questions about this product that were not answered here contact ChatterBox directly.

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