BikeMaster Universal Aluminum Front Fork Lift Stand

  • Constructed of aircraft grade Aluminum
  • Fully polished, welded, and rust free
  • High spec wheels capable of lifting the heaviest sportbikes
  • Heavy duty rubberized fork lift hardware will not damage fork bottoms
  • Designed for use on most late model sportbikes
  • Lifting hardware width 9” on center or 6.875” inner width and 10.75” outer width
  • Some assembly required

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Our Two Cents

The BikeMaster Universal Aluminum Front Fork Lift Stand is designed for use on most late model sportbikes and should work well on many sport touring motorcycles as well. Constructed of aircraft grade, rust free Aluminum, this stand is lightweight while maintaining a solid and sturdy feel. The lifting hardware is not adjustable in width so we have listed dimensions on center along with inner width and outer width (see above).

Some assembly is required, fear not, it’s simple. The raw Aluminum finish gives this stand a high tech look, but it also means you will easily find scratches and scuffs on this stand. Scratches and scuffs do not affect the integrity of the stand and we will not replace your stand if it shows up in this condition.

Do not use a fork lift stand without a rear stand supporting the motorcycle first!

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: APNS
Location: California

Had to slightly modify to fit as each fork on Triumph has a different height (width is perfect), but got it working eventually, and for that price, can't really complain.

New Enough is now