Emgo Travel Trunk Mounts Easily To Kawasaki Concours

Dick Johnson of Ohio is a customer and friend of New Enough who had the brilliant idea of replacing the O.E.M./stock luggage rack on his Kawasaki Concours with the mounting base for the Emgo Travel Trunk. In my experience things like this rarely work without significant modifications, but this worked better than Dick imagined. He was nice enough to send in detailed pictures and a brief 4-part how to video instructional (shown on YouTube) for his fellow Concours riders, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Video 1: Removal of the Kawasaki Concours O.E.M./stock luggage rack

Video 2: Emgo Travel Trunk with mounting base and hardware

Video 3: Drilling Two holes in the Emgo mounting base (the only modifications necessary!)

Video 4: Final assembly and performance
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