Will I Need Flash Controllers or Resistors With These LED Turn Signals?

After installing LED turn signals you will know you need resistors if your lights do not light up at all, they are very dim, they flash very slow or very fast, read on…

Theory (1) LED turn signal installation of the front or rear only while using bulb lights at the opposite end (front or rear) does not require flash controllers/resistors.

Theory (2) LED turn signal installation at the front and rear will definitely require flash controllers/resistors.

Theory (3) A flash controller/resistor is necessary for every LED turn signal or light that is installed. (Example) Installation of rear turn signals requires 2 flash controllers/resistors. Installation of front and rear requires 4 flash controllers/resistors.

Theory (4) Installation of LED signals with built in flash controllers/resistors do not require additional flash controllers/resistors.

When we started offering LED turn signals we also offered LED flash controllers a.k.a. resistors. We did this based on recommendations (LED theories, listed above) from manufacturers who claimed they were absolutely necessary when installing LED turn signals. During the past few years these recommendations or theories have proven false just as often as they have been true. The answer is, you won’t know if you need flash controllers/resistors until you install the LED’s. We cannot be held responsible for any shipping charges paid by the customer to receive or return the flash controllers/resistors if it’s found they are not necessary, but we will gladly refund the method of payment used on the order for the full amount of the item being returned.

Here’s a tip shared with me by a friend/customer who is far more electrically capable than myself. “After receiving my LED turn signals with built in resistors, I discovered my flash rate was still incorrect. So I went to my local AutoZonePepBoysAdvanceAutoNAPA store and purchased an electronic flasher that says “LED”, it must say “LED” to work. One particular model I used was EP28, which has 3 prongs for most Hondas. Other bikes might be 2 prongs, and 4 prongs are for anything with Hazard Flashers, etc. I removed the brass terminals from the plastic connector, and these terminals just happened to fit the prongs on the LED flasher. I simply slipped them on the flasher with a bit of heat-shrink on each wire/terminal and that’s that, perfect.”