N104 Outlaw Helmet Images

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Flat Black


The lining is made up of removable cheek pads, an inner liner, neck roll and chin curtain. It's all breathable and washable. There is a reflective insert in the center of the neck roll for greater visibility at night.


The N104 comes in two outer shell sizes (XXS through Large or XL through XXXL) which helps to keep weight and volume to a minimum, proportionate to the rider's size.


Here's a solid color N104 with the chin bar up.


The dual action chin guard opening system reduces the risk of accidental opening to a minimum; the chin guard can be opened only by operating the first release lever, which is a safety lock, and then activating the second lever.


The shield is very wide, allowing for a greater field of vision; it can be removed easily and quickly without any tools.


The N104 comes standard with a Pinlock ready shield; the insert is included and has a silicone seal which you can easily see in this image.


The Vision Protection System (internal sun visor) in several different positions; the activating system makes for a quick and simple retraction process when needed, such as when entering a tunnel.


This graphic shows the air intakes in the frontal area of the helmet and exhaust vents in the back; there is also an air intake in the chin guard.


Here's the top air intake vent ...


.... the intake vent in the chinbar ....


.... and the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet.


The chin curtain is made with a perforated mesh, allowing air to exhaust.


Here's a view of the Microlock chinstrap retention system, which minimizes the possibility of unintentional opening of the chin strap while still being ergonomic and easy to use.


And finally, the helmet is ready for the N-Com communication system should you wish to add that capability (sold separately).

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