Brian J. from Ohio

March 6, 2022
As I mentioned in a previous review, the Skwal 2 40mm cheek pads turned my small helmet into a medium helmet. I did have to alter the plastic just a bit to fit securely into the helmet on the side where the button is for the lights. But as I mentioned before, even though I have a small top liner, the helmet fits just like my other Skwal 2, which came directly as a medium. When the top liners come back into stock, I will order the medium top liner, but for now, everything is A-OK. For the record, I will be returning the 45 mm cheek pads, which were thought to be the right size for the medium helmet (Shark cheek pad sizing chart was a bit off) as well as the 50 mm cheek pads (small helmet size), so someone might want to inquire about the extra set of 50mm pads, you might get a great deal on them. I took them out of the helmet immediately. I didn't even try the helmet on with them; so no Covid contaminant worries there ; - ) Peace, Brian J

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