Gerhard K. from Minnesota

March 22, 2014
I was surprised at the 'Frogg Toggs 2012 Pro Action Jacket' being waterproof because it felt like paper and weight as such. Well it was time to test the Froggs Toggs jacket under my shower. I suited up my FirstGear overpants, Joe Rocket Ballistic Revolution Jacket, then simply put the Frogg Rain Jacket over. BTW I have the same Frogg size as my Joe Rocket Revolution Jacket.. I didn't even had to unzip it, simple put it over gently and your are done. The Hood isn't to thick under my SHOEI helmet, and it was a comfortable fit. Back to my Rain Test under my shower, all good. I was very surprised that after almost 8 minutes under the shower my street clothes and pants, and shirts where all dry :-) The only trick is to find a way to protect your neck area, I simple pulled the Frogg collar into my helmet. Thanks again to all the gear Motorcyclegear.. you guys ROCK!!
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