Nicholas from Illinois

March 19, 2013
I would first like to make it clear that did their part as a vendor to provide me with the best service they could. That being said, FroggToggs did not. After ordering a FroggToggs bullfrog jacket from motorcyclegear, I found that the top snap on the rain flap of the jacket arrived detached from the fabric. I filed a return request with motorcycle gear who told me that FroggToggs handles all returns of their gear. So, I called FroggToggs, and was transfered twice, meaning I had to explain both my problem and how to spell my name to three people in a row. There was no continuity in their customer service. I had to explain my full story to every person I talked to. By the time I got to talking to the third customer service rep, I was told that I am expected to pay to ship the faulty merchandise back to them. When the product arrives, they told me to expect to wait two to three weeks before they ship out a new one. So, not only am I expected to pay extra money to fix their poor workmanship, but I probably won't receive a working product until five weeks after I was supposed to. I guess you get what you pay for. FroggToggs are cheap. Don't expect a premium product, or good customer service. If you have the money, I would go with something else. I will not be purchasing from the FroggToggs brand again.
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