Thomas from California

March 18, 2013
I had to return the Armadillo Vest because it was too big, but it looked well built. Be careful because the small is rated for a relatively large chest (38in I believe). The sport 2.0 pants I received were well built and looked good, and were comfortable. They also zippered easily to my fieldsheer leather jacket, however the claimed 30in waist actually measured 35in. The Thor sector knee guards are a steal! I wear them every day, apart from the safety they keep my knees warm when its a little more chilly out. Because they have no top above knee strap they can only be worn underneath your pants though, so they wont work if your jeans are too tight. The Kenya jacket is awesome, well built , super warm, and waterproof. The arms are tight but not restricting and the pockets are very useful. The jacket goes up pretty high on your neck/throat so bending your head down while standing can be uncomfortable, however I have not noticed any issues when I lean over on the bike. I could see this being an issue on bikes with upright seating though.

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