Larry D. from Florida

February 6, 2013
Ordered my RPHA Max on Saturday, received it on Wednesday. How can you beat that. And at the best price I could find on the internet. New Enough, Motorcycle Gear is the best .com motorcycle store out there. Now the helmet... Unpacked it and was really impressed. This is a quality helmet and priced in the medium range. I read through the manual, installed the included PinLock shield - forty bucks this thing sells for - familiarized myself with its systems and jumped on my BMW for a quick fifty miles. I began with no earplugs just to check the noise level. It's low compared to anything I've worn, even the C3, but I have become addicted to earplugs, so I put them in. I could then tell just how quiet the RPHA MAX really is. The low frequency noise I could hear with earplugs while wearing my Caberg was barely discernible. This helmet is quiet by all standards, modular or not. Comfort...It's airy and here in Tampa, Florida that ain't a bad thing. It flows air generously to say the least, better than anything I've worn. Fit is right on the money. I measure for a medium and it fit perfectly. I will admit going to a retail outlet for a fitting, but they wanted $474.95 plus 7 percent sale tax. And they didn't stock white which I had to have. I think the RPHA MAX could be classified as a "medium oval". If your head isn't exceptionally long front to rear or really, really round, I think it will break into the correct shape for you. I'm a medium oval and it fits me like a glove. If it's the quality aspect of the RPHA MAX that is causing you a bit of hesitation, forget it. Quality will be your least concern. This is a nice helmet. And just to correct something I heard in an online review from another .com store, the modular chin bar latching assembly is all stainless steel and does not have aluminum latching pins - they are solid stainless steel - as is the entire assembly. Oh yeah...and it's light. I weighed my medium on a really good scale. It was three pounds, eight and a half ounces with the PinLock shield installed. That's pretty light for a modular with with drop down, auto disengage sun screen and PinLock. And the drop down sun screen works like a champ. The liner.. it's great... the entire package.. it's first class.

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