Brian J. from Ohio

January 19, 2023
A slightly snugger fit than the AStars Core Leather Jacket, which I like a bit better. Snug, but not tight is the right fit IMHO for sport riding jackets. And this is no exception. I have recently added chest protection to all of my jackets. I totaled my MT-10 earlier this year, and I was ejected from the bike, 15 ft forward and 10 feet up at 35mph, which is bad enough. I landed softly on an embankment 10 feet up. Noting but God here, folks. Though I landed softly, I landed squarely on my chest, right on my ICD (combination pacemaker/defibrillator). Thanks to the chest armor, I came out virtually unscathed, two fractured vertebrae, but it could have been much worse.Wear all of your gear folks. It works, but only if you wear it. Brian J
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