Chris V. from California

May 18, 2022
I did not expect to like this helmet as much as I do. As a daily urban commuter in a congested city, my helmets are festooned with reflective tape and GoPro mounts. But I've always admired the simplicity of the Gringo and the funky colors it is available in. I wanted something classy and simple for the upcoming Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, as my daily helmets aren't exactly "dapper". When put the ECE Gringo on clearance, I decided to order one in XL, my typical size in other brands. The head shape is designated as Round Oval, not the best choice for my Intermediate Oval head. Figured I'd try it on, and just return it if it was too tight on my forehead or just wasn't comfortable. It is a bit tight, but after wearing it around the house for an hour, I realized that it would be fine at least for a one-day charity ride. I started wearing it on my commutes, and it has broken in very nicely, and I find it comfortable enough for longer distance riding. This model does not come with a face shield, but has snaps to fit different non-hinged face shields. Since it also has no vents, I've been riding with goggle-type glasses and no shield. I've been commuting with it daily to break it in for the Gentleman's ride, and will keep it in rotation for my daily commutes. The quality is fine for what this helmet is, not as good as high-dollar helmets, but great for the price.

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