Brian J. from Ohio

April 28, 2022
I wear the Speed and Strength Straight Savage Glove in XL For reference, I wear measure 9 inches around my hand. I bought this perforated glove to go with my SS Upstate Riding shirt. I tend to wear gear from the same manufacturer, as I figure that at least the sames colors of gear should go well together. Black goes with everything but matching other brighter colors from different companies can be tricky. The gloves feel very comfortable right out of the box. They look just like the photos, which is nice. I tend to size up in gloves, as I broke my left hand, when I was a much younger and less smart man. Thus, I have arthritis from a compound fracture at age 18, so the back of my hand is very sensitive. When I am fully gripping the bars, a tight glove really irritates the back of my left hand, so the extra room gives me the comfort that I require, especially on long rides. I predict that the gloves will function perfect, if we ever get out of the 30's in late April here in The Midwest ; - ) Thanks for another great product MG. Cordially, Brian J
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