Brian J. from Ohio

April 10, 2022
The Hi-Boy Jacket is a size large, where MG's size chart says that a size large should accommodate a maximum chest size of 45". For reference, I am 5'10", 185lbs, 43 inch chest and 34 inch jeans waist. The jacket in large fits me perfectly. I also have another pair of the Cortech Boulevard Gloves (Fastback, white) pictured here. I put a D30 back protector in to give myself a full set of armor, though I might order another Cortech Back Protector as I did for the Trans Am Jacket. The jacket is very stylish in a vintage auto racer kind of way, which is perfect for my Bonneville. I look forward to wearing it and the gloves this riding season. I couldn't get a picture of all of the gloves, but I do believe that I got at least three of the four pairs in various review photos. Thanks, Brian J
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