Brian J. from Ohio

March 6, 2022
The dark smoke shield fits quite nicely on the Skwal 2 Helmet. Since I have two Skwal 2's, I put the pinlock insert in one of the clear shields and the other pinlock in the dark smoke shield. Since the visors are so easy to swap out (easiest visor switching system ever), I can decide which visor for which helmet I want to take right before the ride. The D30 back protectors (2) always provide me the reassurance of having the proper spine protection when I'm riding. I have one installed in my Merlin Cambrian Jacket (pictured here), and the other will be for my Merlin Alton Jacket. The size large fits perfectly into the larger Merlin Jackets. Some Merlin jackets come with their own armor including back protector, and some do not (only shoulder and elbow protection). I would like to offer a special Kudos to MotorcycleGear in terms of their shipping. When they shipped the D30 Back Protectors, they shipped them flat, each in its own separate container. This is especially important when shipping D30 during cold weather. If the back protectors are not shipped flat in cold weather, they will crack/split and ultimately be utterly useless. I've had to return a few of these from other companies, as they didn't take the temperature into account. Even though they were sitting outside for a few hours, I simply took them out of the box and let them warm up for a few hours to room temperature. Kudos to you MG for your attention to detail!!! Cordially, Brian J

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