Frank S from California

February 24, 2022
Got to test out my Kodiak jacket and pants in the rain and they worked great! It was a fair amount of rain for the afternoon but I was completely dry. The Goretex Pro jacket breathed well and there was no condensation. When I got home I hosed the outfit down and hung dry. Good as new! They worked well in 70+ degree weather-pretty comfortable when I unzipped the numerous vents. The jacket and pants are built like a tank with level 2 D3O paddings. CE rated AA for abrasion so they offer very good protection. Klim did not cheap out and mix level 1 D3O into the outfit. I like the leather in the shoulders, elbows and knees-best durability there is. If I have complaints they would be that the outfit is HEAVY but that is expected for this level of protection and robust construction. The other complaint would be the collar when fully buttoned it rubs the front of the neck a bit because it is stiff. I got the stout sizing so the waistline is a bit higher for the jacket.
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