Michael B. from Washington

May 1, 2020
Good things: The Vibram-esque sole works great, much better traction than my smooth soled touring boots. With a better insole, I am able to do moderate hiking that was not comfortable with my old boots. The breathable membrane seems to work well. Haven't tried them in the rain yet, but they do breathe well. My size 13 boots fit my size 13 feet very well, with some extra room in the toe box, even with fairly thick socks. The price was excellent for good quality boots. Bad things: The included insole is flimsy trash, toss it and put in your favorite $50 sports insole if you plan to do any walking. It currently takes me about 10 minutes to put these on and about 5 minutes to take them off. I'm planning to replace the thick, flat laces with round ones that will slide through the eyelets more easily.

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